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Here at R&R Steam Incorporated, we are premier dry cleaning equipment installers that caters to top quality service of cleaning and steaming garments. We provide assistance to dry cleaning businesses and plants to assist with equipment service and overall functioning of your dry cleaning store or plant. We have over 20 years of exclusive work in the dry cleaning and garment industry. We know the ins and outs of the latest and oldest dry cleaning machines and equipment. Our top priority is to keep you in business and we guarantee that we can help make that happen.

Your dry cleaning equipment is in good hands if you entrust it to us. As professional installation providers, we pride ourselves on making sure the installation of the dry cleaning equipment goes as smoothly and quickly as possible. Complete installation can take anywhere between five to eight days. All installations are done to the manufacturer specifications. We also offer dry cleaning equipment repairs and other services you may need. We're in the business of helping you with your business. Whether it be repairing old equipment or installing all new equipment.

With every step of the way, we will be there to make sure your plant or business is up and running at its best quality. In addition to providing guidance with the dry cleaning portion of your business, we also have relationships with other local businesses you might need services for, such as riggers, electricians, plumbers and general contractors. Don't throw away precious money by hiring an inexperienced company to handle all of your service needs.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you find the services provided by R&R Steam to be exactly what you've been looking for. If you're not exactly aware of what is wrong with your equipment or machines, contact us and we'll be happy to come out and do an overall consultation and devise a plan for the work to be done. Our prices are competitive, but our services can't be beat. Take advantage of this great opportunity to guarantee the successfulness of your business with our services. We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, please give us a call today! 718-983-5767 or by E-mail

We work with:

• Commercial Laundries

• Dry Cleaners

• Clothing Manufacturers

• Alteration Specialists

• Commercial Food Processing Facilities

• Pharmaceutical Processing Facilities

All Sizes of Projects

R & R Steam Inc, has the experience and expertise to be of service to all customers, no matter how big or small the job. We can work with you to install a small steam press all the way to designing and installing a complete facility from start to finish.

Steam System Services

We offer a wide variety of quality services to meet your individual needs.

• Install Plants Throughout the Continental United States

• High Pressure Steam Specialists

• Complete Dry Cleaning Plant Installations

• Construction Coordination with All Trades

• Factory Trained Staff with Industry Knowledge and Experience

• Equipment Replacement

• Full Facility Renovations

• We Are Fully Insured

Store Owners

R & R Steam Inc, will work directly with you or with your equipment sales representative. We also work diligently alongside your riggers, electricians, and plumbers. In addition, we can recommend reliable riggers, electricians and plumbers who offer quality workmanship and expertise.

Our Services Benefit:

• Chain Franchises As they Continually Expand

• Individual Store Owners As they Expand and Relocate

• Turnkey and Franchise Plants as they Build




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